Being a carer can be demanding, it’s time to raise awareness of this and help grow the amount of support available. On 6–12 June we’ll be supporting the Carers Week campaign run by Carers UK. We believe it’s important to understand the challenges undertaken by carers on a daily basis.


    6.5 million people in the UK are carers and this figure is on the rise. We value the support they offer, so we’re helping to raise awareness of carers week. Look out for #CarersWeek across our social media platforms and share your fundraising ideas with us!  If you’re interested in attending or helping out at one of the Carers week events, have a look here for one near you - http://www.carersweek.org/get-involved/events-near-you. Alternatively, why not organise your own coffee morning or event to help raise awareness.


    Carers Week is encouraging supporters to share their support over social media and reach out to others that will join in on the campaign, aiming to spread the word as much as possible.





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