Having a family member who has had a stroke can be very stressful. The aftercare they need is extremely demanding, not to mention the worry about whether it could happen again.

    A stroke occurs approximately 152,000 times a year in the UK, that is one every 3 minutes and 27 seconds and affects 1 in 5 women and 1 in 6 men by the age of 75. These statistics highlight the huge amount of people who’s lives are affected every year by a stroke.

    During May, The Stroke Association will be raising awareness of the affect that a stroke can have on a person and their loved ones by encouraging everybody to make May purple. Whether this be wearing something purple, holding a themed event or just planting some purple flowers, it’s all part of a movement towards raising awareness of strokes.

    Never Alone would love to hear all about your fundraising efforts so please share these with us on social media and use the campaign’s hashtag, #MakeMayPurple.

    To find out more about living with a stroke or for more fundraising ideas please visit https://www.stroke.org.uk/take-action/make-may-purple.



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