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    World Cancer Day 2016

    Let’s help fight cancer by getting involved with World Cancer Day Today, 4th February, Never Alone will be supporting World Cancer Day, something that brings everybody together in the fight against cancer. Cancer takes 8.2 million lives a year, 4 million of which are between the ages of 30 and 69. With help from everybody »

    Welcome to the Never Alone blog

    This blog will explore a number of topics, mainly to do with health, but also new items as well as various recommendations. Its purpose is to provide a space where you can take some time out and get lost in some interesting and informative topics. We will continue to expand the blog and hope to »

    New year, new website and blog!

    Hello and welcome to Never Alone’s new blog and website. We hope you enjoy our new site and find that it really supports you and gives you the information that you require, when you need it. The new features of the site include: Secure and private forums Secure and private group areas Downloadable information on »